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December 24, 2010

Exp. with Oracle VM

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It’s more than a year I have been using Oracle VM 2.2.0 for my personal use on intel x86. It’s a perfect solution for testing lab as well. Before using Oracle VM I had
to setup two Boxes with Lacie Storage connected with 2 Firewire cards just for testing the 2 node RAC Setup. It was a costly solution but still worked fine for me.

But I did not have option to test a DG on RAC or a node addition. Oracle VM has given solution of all these problems. You can add as many as machines as your hardware can scale. My motherboard supports 8 GB ram which is sufficient at-least for 4/5 machines (or based on your configuration).Performance is much better than VMware running on your desktop. Along with solution of your lab it gives you exposure of a world-class product which you can expect soon to capture market in Oracle world.

Oracle VM should be installed on bare-metal, below screen-shot tells about the VMs I have configured to play with RAC, DG, Grid 10 & 11i Apps. It does not require any
extra shared drive. It uses OCFS and can be utilized as shared storage between VMs.

I usually configure VNC to get full resolution but VM also has console option

My ISP provides public IP which I have configured to access Oracle VM over internet. Now, on the move I can access all my machines without any problem.
In short – I carry all my set-up with me all the time. Even I can manage VMs through my Iphone using GPRS/Edge

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