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July 13, 2011

Exadata Storage Expansion Rack

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Oracle has announced Exadata Storage Expansion Rack, a cost effective way to add the extreme performance storage servers to an Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Good news for large Oracle shops who want to run very large databases. Earlier, we had option to add non-exadata storage to Database Machine but at the cost of compromise with unique features of Exadata like Smart Scan Technology, Storage Index, Hybrid Columnar Compression, offloading and few others.   It comes in 3 sizes with high-capacity 2TB SAS disks  ( 7200K RPM ).

Full rack includes 18 storage cells which can hold upto 194 TB of usable space and more than 400 TB of raw disk capacity.  Equipped with 216 CPU Cores and 6.75 Exadata Smart Flash Cache.Half rack includes 9 storage cells which can hold upto 216 TB of raw disk capacity with 108 CPU Cores, It has 108 CPU Cores and 3.4 TB Exadata Flash Cache, Quarter rack comes with 4 Cells, 96 TB of raw disk capacity, 48 CPU core and 1.5 TB Exadata Flash Cache.

Storage can be added to existing Exadata Database Machines without any downtime, only need to connect the new Exadata storage with spine switch and that’s all. We are ready to configure the new storage.

Datasheet Link  :  exadata-storage-exp-rack-ds-v1-425092.pdf


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